Solar PV

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Solar PV (or Solar Photovoltaic) use the solar energy from the sun to create clean green electricity for your home or business. Think of Solar PV as an investment because Solar PV saves you money in electrical bills for years to come. We are your accredited SolarKing install agent. Full sales and service provided.

How does Solar PV work

Solar PV panels are fixed to the roof or location of installation where it has all day exposure to the sun. The DC electricity received from these panels then is transmitted into an Inverter that is installed on location. This converts DC electricity to usable AC electricity. This AC power then enters the switchboard and is dispersed to your homeware, lighting and other electronics. If there is excess power this is exported to the grid which is credited back to you decreasing your power bill.


Photovoltaic Panels were very expensive in its early phases but now that technology and efficiency has increased, panels have now become dramatically cheaper. AME uses high quality Solar PV panels that are strong and durable to tough through any New Zealand weather.


AME electricians are qualified to install Solar PV systems on your property. Ideally they are installed on your roof, facades, conservatory roods, shades, garages or on the ground. AME will proved information on the best possible installation location for your Solar PV system.

Is Solar PV for me?

If your location gets a strong amount of New Zealand sun such as Nelson/Marlborough then you are a perfect candidate for Solar power. If you want further information whether your location would benefit from Solar Energy contact AME here.

How Solar PV saves you money

Once a Solar PV module is installed depending on the amount of sun your location gets you can say goodbye to your power bill. Not only that but the power that you generate can be exported back to the electricity grid adding credit to your electricity bill.

How to I get Solar PV installed on my home?

Glad you asked. Contact AME to speak to one of our representatives and we will get you up and running in no time.

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